Mar 13, 2015
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8 Things That You Should Know Before Buy a Baby Monitor – Part 1

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The Baby Monitor is a tool that transmits the sound, and sometimes video images, from one room to another, so you can keep tabs on any part of the little girl in the house. Baby monitors are usually divided into two parts, a transmitter part and a receiver part. Baby monitor is especially good for babies who one night apart from their parents, and wake up at night for feeding or reassuring. Baby monitors also best for naps, you can occupy another part of the home and hear when your child wakes up and wants. However, here are somethings that you should know before buy a baby monitor.

8 Things that you should know before buy a baby monitor

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1. Knowing Type of Baby Monitors.

It can be difficult to choose the best baby monitor for you in so many different types on the market. There are audio baby monitors, video baby monitor, baby heart rate monitors, analog baby monitors, digital baby monitors, motion monitors and dual-room baby monitor – just to name a few.

Audio baby monitors simply allows you to hear the sounds in the baby’s room. We all know that a child is often a quiet little toddler up trouble! Perhaps the nursery walls are adorned with the contents of diapers – that old story! Worse still, the baby may be at risk, but if you cannot see what will happen to know?

The advantage of video baby monitor with audio included is truly clear, you can see and hear the children up to 100 meters away. This means no more wondering and worrying, “What was that sound?” and it should run and check them out. A quick look at the live color image on the LCD monitor will help your mind at ease. You can also “show off” your baby to your visitors while he sleeps, without interfering with the room.

Many video baby monitors allow you to connect to your TV or computer monitor with a large-screen view. You’ll have to connect the VCR and record the video baby monitor. Video baby monitors also a great way to take care of small children when you’re not in the room. Good color video baby monitors, and includes a built-in microphone for clear sound and sight of the baby at all times is the best choice.

2. Go for Wireless Baby Monitors.

Wireless baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular because their convenience and portability. When buying a baby monitor, you should examine the power source, it has only just battery, AC adapter only, or a combination of the two option.

Portable Wireless Video Baby Monitor will be able to watch and listen over your little angle no matter what you’re up to; while hanging out the washing, sitting by the pool, cleaning the house, or relax in the courtyard friends and family will be the eyes and ears of the baby safely.

3. Looking for Night Vision.

In order to work in the dark or in low-light conditions, the baby monitor need to have night vision capability. In general, the use of baby monitor night vision use of infrared LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights to illuminate the camera’s field of vision. It is completely safe, essentially the same technology TV or DVD Using an infrared remote control.

The more LED lights in baby monitor camera give the better night vision and clearer image. Keep watching the kids even in the dark with live streaming audio and visuals of the monitor.

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