Mar 13, 2015
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8 Things That You Should Know Before Buy a Baby Monitor – Part 2

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4. Learn about Frequency and How it Interference

The baby monitor works as a radio transmitting and receiving radio signals in the air at a given frequency. When used by the baby monitor is common, such as 49MHz, you may annoying static or interference devices such as mobile (cell) phone, cordless phone, microwave oven and CB radios.

The signal can be picked up in the neighborhood or passing truck driver or police car, who can be heard in private conversations. Maybe that is given to someone over the phone conversation with the baby monitor, or to hear the baby crying.

The most basic models use of 49MHz. The next step is 900 MHz, which provides a greater range, but may interfere with the older wireless phones to the same frequency. To address this, a many of baby monitors switched to 2.4 GHz. However, newer wireless phones have adopted the same frequency and Wi-Fi system also includes 2.4 GHz, so interference is a problem. The 1.9 GHz band offers the best security because it is the only one that supports the DECT technology.

Some baby monitors have multiple channels for greater transparency, avoiding possible interference depending on where you are located.

5. Consider a Sound-Activated Light

Your home was not quite all day, when you vacuuming or watching TV, you might miss the baby whimpering. But a baby monitor that have lights up when it detects the noise allows you to look at the monitor and immediately know that something happened.

6. Must Have Low-battery Alert Function

If your baby monitor use only batteries, this is a very important part. If the batteries run out, you might not hear your little baby calling out for you. Try to get a baby monitor that have the alarm function with flashing or sound alert that lets you know when to change the batteries.

7. Special Features

Some monitors can keep track of the temperature and humidity in your baby’s room, it will immediately alert you if the climate in your baby’s room changes or send an alert if your baby hasn’t moved recently. Most of modern baby monitor can work with your smart phone, or let you check on your child online.

8. If your home is not big, you may not need a baby monitor

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