Mar 11, 2015
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Acer S277HK wmidpp The Elegance 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD

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Acer S277HK wmidpp 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD

Acer announced the “Acer S277 HKwmidpp” 27-inch 4K LCD display with HDMI 2.0 input terminal. To release from March 11.

Acer S277HK wmidpp or Acer S277HK, 27-inch LCD display that employs a “zero-frame” design eliminates the frame on the LCD panel. Resolution up to 3,840 × 2,160 dot (4K), equipped with the input terminal of the HDMI 2.0. Data transmission capacity has been expanded and the 4K video can be displayed in a refresh rate of 60Hz. Acer S277HK wmidpp come with 16: 9 aspect ratio allows you to view multiple open windows such as Word, Outlook and Excel together and work comfortably and efficiently and in full-screen mode.

Acer S277HK wmidpp is LCD panel of IPS system is a non-glossy (non-glare) type, has achieved 100% sRGB coverage. With the “six-axis color adjustment function”, capability to the color adjustment in six colors plus YMC to the conventional RGB. The saturation and hue can be adjusted each, it was allowing a more natural color display. Also, the transmittance of the blue light can be adjusted by 80% to 50% of the four stages by the “Flickerless Technology”, and has the ability to relieve eye strain.

Acer S277HK wmidpp

Acer S277HK wmidpp

Acer S277HK wmidpp 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD

Acer S277 HKwmidpp is a 4K monitor. With its extremely high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, it offers an enormously detailed picture and gives them the perfect overview.

The built-in stereo speakers 2.0W + 2.0W in the body, it is possible to use an excellent paper diaphragm material strength and flexibility, and outputs a highly accurate sound. Proprietary acoustic technology to reproduce the bass with spicy spread of intonation “Acer True Harmony Technology” also adopted.

The main specifications, the screen size is 27-inch wide, the resolution is 3,840 × 2,160 dot (4K), non-glossy LCD panel IPS method (non-glare), the viewing angle is horizontal and vertical with 178 degrees, brightness 300cd / square meters, contrast ratio of 1,000: 1, the response speed is 4ms (GTG).

Video input interface HDMI (2.0) × 1, dual-link support DVI-D × 1, DisplayPort × 2. 15 degrees / under 5 degrees above the tilt angle of the stand. Body size W614 × D154 × H451mm, weight 5.4kg (There stand).

Acer S277HK wmidpp

Acer S277HK wmidpp

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