Mar 7, 2015
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Becomes an Online Karaoke Stardom with Asus Xonar D-KARA

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Asus Xonar D-KARA

ASUSTeK Computer announced the new PCI audio card for PC “Xonar D-KARA” designed leading music industry engineers.

Asus Xonar D-KARA, a PCI audio card connections that can mix the sound of audio output and microphone input in real time to play on the PC. By placing separately the digital and analog circuits to suppress the influence of noise. It realize the clear sound quality.

Ready-made music profile to fit the most genre of music to prepare a five-quality preset called “rock”, “rock pro”, “ballad”, “ballad pro” and “Special”. Manual setting can be done by the 10-band EQ, lifelike reverb, precise low/high pass filters, a compressor, and powerful dynamic boost. Asus Xonar D-KARA will turn you into an awesome vocal performer as karaoke stardom.

Asus Xonar D-KARA

Unlike other onboard audio, Asus Xonar D-KARA includes an advanced microphone-input digital signal processor (DSP) that’s up to 100 times more responsive than onboard audio. It’s even up to ten times quicker than other karaoke cards. You never miss in a note or a single beat. The DSP (Digital Signal Pocessor) apply a variety of sound effects and sound mix in hardware, and being able to suppress a delay in the order of 5ms.

Asus Xonar D-KARA come with easy karaoke features with “Key shifting” that can change the entire key and “Vocal cancellation” that weakening only the vocal part of the music. It is possible to enjoy the karaoke songs and practice by using a sound source which is commercially available.

Asus Xonar D-KARA

Asus Xonar D-KARA

Asus Xonar D-KARA

The main specifications, audio processor :C-Media CMI8786 High-Definition Sound Processor (Max. 96KHz/24bit), DSP is Cirrus Logic CS47028C, SN ratio is 106dB, THD + H is 0.0013% (- 98dB), frequency characteristics 10Hz ~ 48kHz, maximum input and output level is 1Vms, sampling rate and the number of quantization bits 96kHz / 48kHz / 44.1kHz, 24 / 16bit. Interface is, S / PDIF output as a digital output, S / PDIF output pin header, 3.5mm stereo mini jack × 3 as an analog output (front, side, subwoofer), front panel audio header, 3.5mm stereo mini jack × as analog input 2 (line input, microphone input), AUX pin header.

Connect to PC interface PCI. Body size W178.06 × D106.15mm.

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