Nov 10, 2015
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Best Wifi Speaker – Sony SRS-X9

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If your spending budget is as huge as your sonic expectations, this unique costly Wireless stereo speaker from Sony should fit your need. Dressed in a piano-black finish including a glass top with touch sensitive buttons that illuminate every time you move your hand over them, this sony wifi/blutooth speaker provides really good overall sound, one of best-sounding wireless speakers I’ve got. The SRS-X9 also user-friendly and uncomplicated. You can easily get connected to your home network via Wi-Fi or DLNA, use Bluetooth to stream from compatible devices, smart phones and tablets, or perform music from an apple iPod, iPhone or PC that running iTunes utilizing its built-in Apple AirPlay support. The SRS-X9 also provides an Ethernet jack for any wired connection to your home network, as well as its USB ports enable high-resolution music files.

Great Sound Quality

This best wifi speaker from sony offers top notch overall sound quality, it is in the top speakers that I’ve tested. Bass sounds has very good impact and flows slightly deep, but can sound slightly tubby. Midrange is pretty even, but can sound somewhat grainy or soft with some sound source, as well as the higher treble is rolled off. This wifi/blutooth speaker does a good job of recovering living room ambience, but it is lacking in details and bass sounds a bit narrowed. The sound quality was very close whether a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, or wired connection was used. The SRS-X9 speaker can provide a great volume level in a medium-sized room.

Easy To Use

Bluetooth pairing was quite simple. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network came to be very easy for those who have a router with WPS capability. If not, it was yet simple enough in order to connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi network using the free SongPal application downloaded onto an Apple or Android mobile device; just follow the instructions. The speaker’s touch controls for volume level are easy to do, as they are large, pretty obvious, plus the markings have good contrast. However the console lacks a mute control, and the source selector isn’t obvious until it’s illuminated when you touch the top of the speaker. The included remote control is outstanding.

Sony SRSX9 High-Resolution NFC Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speaker

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