Feb 17, 2015
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Capture The Celestial Objects with Nikon D810A

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Nikon D810A

Nikon announced a new Nikon’s first DSLR dedicated to long-exposure deep-sky astrophotography, digital single-lens reflex camera “D810A” that specializes in astronomical photography. Nikon D810A is, equipped with a Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor of the effective 3,635-megapixel developed from award-winning full-frame D810. D810A characterized in that enhanced the H-alpha red tones transmittance of the optical filter on the front CMOS sensor quadrupled. Nebula can be more vivid to the red emission at a wavelength of H-alpha line.



Nikon D810A

Nikon D810A is mainly designed for astrophotography as IR filter optimized for H-alpha red tones and new equipped with a Long Exposure M Mode. It can be a shutter speed setting of the longest 900 seconds (15 minutes). Nikon D810A can shoot an unlimited number of high-quality JPEG images when using the CH or CL Release Modes with a shutter speed slower than four seconds to produce amazing light trails.

According to the image sensor in the Nikon D810A, it optimized specifically for astrophotography which four times more sensitive to H-alpha red tones than an ordinary DSLR. For that reason, it is not suitable for general photography.

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