Mar 11, 2016
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Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 Perfect Selfies Camera Review

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Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500

Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500

The EXILIM EX-ZR3500 is Casio’s flagship in its travel series compacts, and has a 25-300mm (35mm equivalent) zoom reach that can be doubled with the Multi SR Zoom function, which samples multiple areas from the image to do real-time interpolation, thus creating a better final image than what most digital zooms are able to achieve.

It’s powered by a 12.1 MP 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, and features caste’s HS anti-shake feature that corrects for shake in five axes, leading to better images and videos. In fact, Casio touts the EX-ZR3500 as having the best image quality of the entire travel series to date, capable of giving images that show “each and every strand of hair”, so there certainly is a fair bit of expectation in terms of image quality.

CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR3500 features a quick access menu that you can get to easily by pressing down on the main dial pad. This runs as an extension of the physical control dial on the camera, so selection of options involves rotating the control dial, pressing right to select the function, rotating the dial again to get your setting, then pressing the set button to save it. That may seem a handful, but it works pretty well in practice, as the menu system was one of the easiest to go through.

Of course, with any Casio camera, make-up mode and selfies are always going to be main features, and the EX-ZR3500 is no different. There’s a dedicated front shutter, and the camera automatically switches to selfie mode once you flip up the LCD, even if the camera is off. The strength of skin tone and skin smoothing adjustments applied can be easily adjusted via sliders, so men can darken their skin and yet get some light skin smoothing too.


  • Perfect for vacations or leisure with a tilting LCD style.
  • Taking selfies is easy with the Tilt-type LCD & Front Shutter.
  • Advanced high resolution imaging and anti-shake feature ensures outstanding photo results.
  • Make-up Plus provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty.
  • Make-up BKT (Bracketing) ensures that you capture the skin tone you desire.
  • EXILIM Auto Transfer, auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button.
  • EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3 installed for remarkable high-speed operation.


  • Great set of features for  Vlog/Selfie


  • Have a bigger size when compare to others

Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 Self-Portrait Compact Digital Camera (Beige) + 16GB Memory Card + Battery + Adaptor & more


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