Apr 14, 2015
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Cowon AK1 Car Box HD Road Dash DVR Video Recorder

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Cowon AK1 Car Box

COWON Systems announced launch of the high-resolution HD Black Box ‘Cowon AK1’ (herein referred to as ‘AK1’) on February 2nd.

Cowon AK1 Car Box is a highly efficient one channel car black box, that is capable of distortion-free wide view video recording through its crystal clear 1280×720 REAL HD, 30FPS video recording at 16:9 wide view display, and 110° view angle.

The Ak1 always clear under various environments with a high quality lens and one million pixel-hypersensitive CMOS image sensor for capturing vivid video images even during night times or rainy conditions. Saving recorded files safely every time, a built in super-capacitor to guarantee the storage of the full video recording under unstable circumstances, such as power failures caused by car accidents.

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – MEGA Pixels CMOS

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – Driving Recording

Cowon AK1 provides efficient recording upon impacts while driving with its tri-axis shock-detection sensor. This sensor also acts as a motion sensor to detect movement in the front of the vehicle when parking.

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – Parking Recording

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 also equipped with useful subsidiary features such as convenient audio guidance that informs driver about device’s operational status, high quality voice recording, highly sensitive external GPS for vehicle’s location and velocity information, and automatic battery discharge prevention feature.

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – Safety

Simple and compact design, the three control buttons on the rear side provide easy control of power and audio recording, plus self-format. Included PC manager allows users to view recordings, acceleration graph, location, velocity and other information at a single glance.

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1

Modern mystic silver color get along with interiors of any vehicles. The highly functional LED status indicator shows an operation status, flickering while a recording is being processed could warn would-be thieves and vandals to give up their trials.

Cowon AK1 Spec

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – Dimension

Cowon AK1 Car Box

Cowon AK1 – Spec


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