Dec 23, 2015
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Level Over – Stylish Samsung Headphones

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The Samsung Level Over, a closed, over-ear design, wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. These Samsung headphones can be used with the noise-canceling feature, user can turned it on or off. The Samsung Level Over have a claimed reception range of around 33 feet, and are designed for use with Bluetooth audio devices, including cell phones.

The Level Over clearly targeting the Beats headphone crowd, this Samsung headphones delivers very good sound quality and very good active noise reduction performance. This model has a closed, over-ear design, so they will mute some external sounds apart from the active noise cancellation, also limit the sound that leaks from the headphones. It’s best suited for those who are comfortable with the size of a studio style model, and who want to cut the noise they hear from their environments, or who don’t want to let the sound from the headphones to bother others.

Like many other Bluetooth headphones, the Level Over comes with an optional audio cable with a built-in mic and remote control. However, the remote control works only with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets and doesn’t work at all with Apple mobile devices.

Extra features include NFC Bluetooth pairing, support for Samsung’s S Voice recognition technology in Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can free download Samsung Level app for Android mobile devices that provides additional features. Level Over Samsung headphones comes with a removable 47-inch audio cable with built-in mic, player control, and volume buttons just for the work with some Android smartphones, an USB charging cable, and a carrying case.


Audio and Sound Quality

The Level Over provides really good overall sound with a neutral character, as well as good effective noise reduction. Bass sounds has good impact and goes fairly deep. Mid-range is a bit hazy, a little gritty, and a bit thin, but treble is extended and detailed. There’s no noticeable difference in sound on either powered cabled or Bluetooth operation, regardless of whether the active noise-canceling feature is activated.

In the Level Over, you will found a well-balanced soundscape that handles bass, middle notes, and high notes in a manner that keeps lots of musical details. Volume level is very balanced, too, so that music completely sounds fairly even in the left and right speakers.

When working with a non-powered cabled connection, the bass sounds looser and the upper bass turn into recessed; whole sound quality degrades slightly, but still remains in the “good” range. This model features very good noise reduction, however the quality of the noise reduction is depending on the direction from where the noise is coming. When noise comes from front side, low tones are reduced more than high tones. And when noise comes from the sides or rear, there is less noise reduction of low tones. When the noise-canceling feature is activated there is a very weak hiss that can be heard in quiet environments when there is no music to mask it.

Although, the Level Over isn’t the best product in the terms of audio performance, these premium Samsung headphones are sure to please all Galaxy users.



Thanks to the sizable build and luxurious parts, Samsung’s Level Overs provide a very comfortable fit. This stuff are over-ear headphones in the truest feeling, with comfortable speaker pads that fit completely over top of your ears. The band sports plush faux-leather along its interior, as well as it lighter than it looks. These headphones can provide you with hours of comfortable listening.

The glossy plastic speaker backs are very sweet, but may get ugly marks over time. Try to avoid any unwanted scrapes or marks throughout a week or more. They’re pretty impressive. From touchpad controls to wireless listening, these headphones offer plenty of useful features, just make sure to keep your battery charged in order to use them.

If you’re at your desk or getting around your house, listen wirelessly for added flexibility. Sync your device to the Samsung headphones via Bluetooth. You can also synchronize a music device to the Level Overs with a simple and easy tap if your player has NFC (near field communication) functions. Just note that while this is an awesome extra, you should expect to have reduced overall volume level and degraded sound quality while listening via Bluetooth. Samsung says you are able to listen around 32 feet from your music player. We tested this claim and managed a strong signal from approximately 35 feet, with some walls in between, quite impressive!

Samsung’s active noise cancellation is a nice addition to the package, as well. If you want to charge the battery, you can using the included micro USB cable for charging up. When battery is ready, turn on the power and press the ANC button on the bottom of the right speaker. High-pitched and midrange noises become quieter and more distant almost instantly.

Level Over also includes an inline remote and onboard mic, Windows, Android, and iPhone users can also adjust volume, pause/skip songs, or answer phone calls with the swipe of a finger-because the back of the right speaker is usually a touchpad. Double tap to answer a phone call or pause a song, tap and then hold for three seconds to reject a call or launch voice commands. Please note that you need a charged battery to use this features, and some commands won’t work when you use applications like Pandora or Spotify.

For audiophiles and collectors with compatible Galaxy devices, there’s some very delicious topping to top this yummy dessert, go to the Google Play store or Samsung Apps to download the Level app, which grants access to a full EQ, sound modes for everything from pop to jazz, and text-to-speech functions.


If you like to spoil yourself with stylish features, luxurious design, and listen from above average audio, the Samsung Level Over headphones are an excellent way to go. They aren’t best of the over-ear headphones, nor are they the best noise reduction that we’ve ever seen, but the Level Over is built to satisfy nonetheless.

So, if they aren’t the best at everything, why does this review or other customer reviews sound so positive? In short, it is extremely hard to find active noise cancelers that also achieve luxurious design, premium extras, and great sound.

Samsung Level On-Ear Headphones

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