Jul 6, 2015
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Mars Speaker Takes Your Music to New Level

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The Mars levitating speaker includes an UFO-style disk that floats above a sleek black sub-woofer column. And that is only the beginning of its cool features.

The Mars speaker is a two-part Bluetooth speaker actually, the cylindrical base serves as the sub-woofer and the UFO-shaped disc that floats atop it produces the mid to high-end sounds. The disk can take to the fresh air because of magnetic technology Crazybaby got from levitation-gizmo manufacturers Levitation Arts.

Furthermore to looking cool, the Crazybaby folks say the levitation trick will deliver better sound actually. That’s because, unlike audio speakers that require to take a seat on a surface, one which floats in the new air won’t lose any audio through transference to materials that are coming in contact with it. Also, being circular, the levitating area of the loudspeaker has no front side or back again and is intended to deliver sound similarly to everyone collected nearby.

As if using a flying-saucer style speaker hovering above a sleek dark column wasn’t already enough to tell apart itself, the Mars has additional methods up its sleeve.

To begin with, the disc part of the loudspeaker (called the Mars Craft), which is manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminium, can be utilized without the base, so it can be taken by you wherever you prefer and stream to it through the Bluetooth connection.

I’m nearly sure how good it’ll audio without its sub-woofer, but it may well be on par with other Bluetooth speakers of its size. It is also magnetic, so it’ll adhere to the hood of your vehicle or your bicycle frame if you are out. Plus, it’s waterproof to three ft, so you might even play a casino game of Frisbee with it in the browse (well, not maybe, but the idea is got by you.

Like the majority of tech toys these full days, this one lets it is controlled by you with a smartphone app, but a distinctive twist here’s that you can collection the Mars speaker to automatically lower and increase its quantity as you get closer and farther from it. Also the speaker will automatically drift right down to its foundation when it operates out of charge and can float backup once it’s become juiced again.

Finally, the Mars speaker can become a speaker phone and even has two USB slots in the bottom to charge your devices if that conference call goes just a little long. Though this is not the first levitating loudspeaker we’ve seen — that honor would go directly to the Om/One — this is actually the first one we’ve seen with so many features and its own individual sub-woofer.

Mars by crazybaby

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