Oct 7, 2015
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Ricoh WG-M1 Waterproof Action Camera Review

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The RICOH WG-M1 is Wi-Fi enabled, waterproof to an impressive depth of 32 feet without requiring a protective housing, shock-resistant against a fall from 6 feet, and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10 Degree C. With its ultra-wide-angle lens, this extraordinary camera captures dynamic Full HD movies with a realistic sense of depth.

The WG-M1 provides a host of advantageous features including multitasking that allows the user to check real-time images during both still and movie recording, and a 1.5-inch color LCD monitor. Approximately 14.0 effective megapixels captures vibrant, high-resolution still images, while its high-speed, continuous shooting capability records subjects at a speed of roughly 10 images per second. In keeping with the rugged theme of the WG series, its lightweight body features an unparalleled outdoor-oriented design and large control buttons that make operating the camera a breeze in any condition.

Combining the WG-M1 with an array of newly introduced camera-mount accessories opens many options and creative solutions in capturing adventure-packed images and movies.

Ricoh WG-M1 is stylish action camera with futuristic-looking, has the look and feel of camping gear. WG-M1 is not just a good looking device, also performs well, too. For example, it captures good quality photos and video, and is waterproof to a depth of 32 feet. It comes with wireless connectivity and a good quality 1.4-inch LCD screen, make it more convenience. Plus, it has long battery life.

• Video and photos quality is good
• Good Images taken even in low-light
• Good image stabilizer
• Long battery life approximately 171 minutes
• Compact size for its class
• Waterproof to approximately 33 feet

• Wide-angle lens setting not saved when turn off.

The Ricoh WG-M1 takes good video at a quality like nearly all Action camcorders. It will be difficult to make out tiny details and very subtle patterns in the image because pictures were a bit soft. In low-light conditions, the video was good, quite viewable but not as bright or clear as the top models. WG-M1 captures full HD video at 1920×1080 and good audio in stereo which better than most. It also doing well in Photo mode, captures at best 14-megapixel stills with good quality.

The lens has a fixed focal length, no zoom capability, with a very wide-angle (16.8mm) capability that’s very useful for landscapes and group portraits. You may notice a bit of distortion when you’re shooting up close. Ricoh WG-M1 did a good job of minimizing the effects of camcorder shake.

Ricoh WG-M1 is a good waterproof action camera survived in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Comes with small 1.4-inch LCD which otherwise has good quality that lets you compose your shots and has decent playback of video. WG-M1 is smaller and average in weight among all action camcorders.


  • Air-tight waterproof construction allows underwater shooting at a depth of 33 feet for 1 hour – using underwater lens protector shooting at a depth of 10 meters for 1 hour – using underwater lens protector
  • 14 megapixel CMOS sensor for high-resolution images Fast f/2.8 ultra-wide angle 160 Degree lens
  • Shockproof, ruggedized design protects from drops up to 6 feet. Cold-resistant to sub-freezing temperatures of 14 Degree F
  • High-resolution 1.5 inch color LCD monitor with approximately 11,000 dots. Full HD video in widescreen 1080p resolution (1920×1080) with efficient, high quality h.264 compression at 30 frames per second
  • Dedicated APP for capture control by smartphones and tablets; image editing and sharing available

Ricoh WG-M1 Waterproof Action Video Camera

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