Feb 14, 2015
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Windows 10 for Phone, Learn at Once and Use Anywhere

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Joe Belfiore from the Windows team at Microsoft show some of the latest Windows 10 for phone features which designed for phones and small tablets for the very first time.

Windows 10 for phone

Windows 10 for phone added another option to customize the Start screen with a full size background image to help you get to apps you just installed. You can see them in a group right here at the top of the app list. So, you can easily see and act on important things. In Action Center, they’ve increased the number of quick actions available to you.

Windows Phone today has four or five programmable quick actions but with Windows 10 for phone, you also get expanded view which can now display a whole lot more and notifications are now interactive. One example of interactive notifications is text messages. Windows 10 for phone also have some significantly enhanced the speech-to-text capability. So, you can talk to virtually any data field you choose throughout the UI. Your words show up as you speak them, punctuation appears automatically these new features are great on the phone.

Windows 10 for phone

Windows 10 for phone come with the killer features of new “Universal” versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that can work across the phone, tablet and PC. These apps will be free and built in on all phones and small tablets. A new features give experience that makes it easy to review edit, even create docs without a keyboard. The rich functionality of Word is exactly where you’d expect from formatting to insertion to reviewing documents and same with PowerPoint. It’s super easy to open and make changes to your presentations. But even better, now you can use your phone to actually present.

Windows 10 for phone

The big update in Windows 10 for phone, apps were re-authored as universal apps which will be included not just on phones and small tablets but on the PC as well. You can learning them on one device and also knowing how to use them on the other. In Mail, Windows 10 for phone worked to make triaging e-mail incredibly fast and now supports rich text because Word is built right in to the mail reply. You can now do fancy things in your mail like changing formatting or even inserting tables and you can start a complex mail message on your PC and then finish and send it from your phone no problem. Calendar now has much richer support for all the meetings in your life and you can see your schedule filled with categorized meetings shown in different colors. Photos app automatically displays photos from across your PC and phone via the auto-syncing OneDrive service. Photos collection view is easy to use and will do auto-enhance of every photo. Music and Video apps are getting an overhaul with Windows 10 for phone, it will put all your entertainment right at your fingertips.

There are so many great features here now and coming soon…

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