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Brands to Watch in 2022: Top 9 Graphics Card Manufacturers

Top 9 Graphics Card Manufacturers

To make matters worse, you have to pick the best graphics card manufacturer out of all the options. Listed here are the best of the best.

If you’re having trouble deciding which graphics card to buy next, you’re not alone. With so many different manufacturers to choose from, settling on which precise brand and model to purchase is by no means a simple matter.

Considering the fact that you will be spending significant money on hardware that is expected to last you several years, it is only reasonable that you will want to purchase the very finest graphics card possible at the time of purchase.

But how do you go about finding the one that best meets your demands and your budget? What characteristics distinguish a “good” graphics card manufacturer, and how do graphics cards produced by one manufacturer differ from those produced by another manufacturer?

In this guide, we’ll address all of your burning questions while also providing a list of some of the most well-known graphics card manufacturers on the market today.

What Is the Difference Between Graphics Card Manufacturers?

First and foremost, we must distinguish between a graphics processing unit (GPU) and a graphics card.

Graphics processing unit (GPU) is an abbreviation for “graphics processing unit,” and it refers to a specialized chip that is intended exclusively for graphics processing duties, as the name implies. As a result, the word “graphics card” refers to more than just the GPU; it also refers to the printed circuit board (PCB), the memory arrangement, the cooling, the output ports, and the outer design features of the card.

Nvidia and AMD, on the other hand, manufacture and sell graphics processing units (GPUs) to corporations, which are then able to tweak any of the aforementioned components of a graphics card as they see fit, without modifying the GPU architecture in any way.

In any case, the GPU’s performance can still be influenced by the manufacturer, notably by the type of cooling solution that is implemented by the manufacturer. The difference in raw performance, on the other hand, is usually relatively tiny, and in many cases it is bordering on inconsequential.

Assuming that we leave the hardware aside, there are two additional considerations that tend to be more essential when deciding between different manufacturers, which are the pricing and the warranty coverage.


We are all aware that some manufacturers provide their graphics cards at a lower price than others. In spite of the fact that “cheap” does not always imply “excellent,” certain budget graphics cards do provide good value for money, that is, they provide high-quality hardware at an affordable price. Additionally, a more costly graphics card might come with a better cooler than a less expensive graphics card, but the performance improvement might not be sufficient to warrant the price increase.


How long does the typical warranty period last? Is there an extended warranty plan available from the manufacturer? What’s more, how quickly and efficiently does the company respond to customer complaints and replace damaged products?

In general, most manufacturers provide a 3-year limited guarantee on graphics cards, with other manufacturers providing only a 2-year warranty on graphics cards. Furthermore, some companies provide the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty that will protect you for an additional few years if you register the product and pay a small additional fee.

Furthermore, some people like to consider the reputation and dependability of the maker as well, although this is extremely difficult to determine with accuracy. Why?

Simply put, client experiences might differ greatly from one another. While some will extol the virtues of a particular company’s customer service, others are sure to have horror stories to tell about it. On top of that, the number of companies listed here sell lots of different graphics card models, and it is certain that there will be some faulty cards in every series of graphics cards.

Having gotten that out of the way, we can move on to listing some of the top 9 best and most well-known graphics card manufacturers that you’ll come across on a regular basis these days!


Asus Graphics Card
Asus Graphics Card

In terms of size and recognition, Asus is without a doubt one of the largest and most well-known of the hardware manufacturers on this list. In addition to graphics cards, this Taiwanese business also manufactures laptops, displays, motherboards, smartphones, as well as a variety of computer peripherals and accessories, according to its official website.

For graphics cards, Asus is likely best known for its Republic of Gamers brand, which is a sub-brand of the company. The ROG Strix cards are recognized for their effective cooling, aggressive and RGB-heavy design, as well as for their costs, which can be very exorbitant when compared to the rest of the market.

Of course, they also offer numerous other series that are more focused on providing more economical alternatives, such as the Turbo cards with blowers or the more plain-looking and budget-friendly Dual and TUF series, among others.

Overall, Asus is a versatile manufacturer that can satisfy the needs of both performance-oriented and typical gamers, despite the fact that their ROG Strix models can be a little more expensive than certain rival models that give a similar level of performance, as previously indicated.

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MSI Graphics Card
MSI Graphics Card

MSI, like Asus, is a well-known Taiwanese hardware firm with headquarters in Taipei. In addition to selling its own laptops, motherboards, displays, and accessories, the company also manufactures them. Specifically speaking, when it comes to graphics cards, they have anything from low-cost options to high-end options that would definitely appeal to any enthusiast out there.

It is MSI’s Gaming X series graphics cards that have become their most popular graphics card range. These cards have a very sleek and attractive exterior appearance, but they also have extremely efficient and silent cooling. Meanwhile, as is the case with Asus, they also have a number of more budget graphics cards available that would appeal to folks who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a graphics card.

In the end, while MSI and Asus are on roughly equal footing, we’d be inclined to suggest MSI over Asus at this time due to their lower prices. This is primarily due to the fact that we have discovered that they generally provide somewhat better overall value for your money. We’d also say they appear better, but that’s a question of personal preference.

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Gigabyte Graphics Card
Gigabyte Graphics Card

Following that, we have Gigabyte, which is another well-known Taiwanese business that supplies a diverse range of computer gear and accessories. Asus and MSI are two of the world’s most dominant graphics card manufacturers, and they are joined by EVGA and NVIDIA.

Gigabyte generally strives to provide greater value with its graphics cards, at the very least in the low- and mid-range price ranges. For example, while they don’t have particularly good cooling, they are typically a little less expensive, which will always appeal to gamers on a tight budget.

Design-wise, Gigabyte’s Aorus brand, which targets the high-end market, goes above and beyond the competition. For example, Gigabyte Aorus graphics cards are typically equipped with large, angular shrouds and powerful RGB lighting that can compete with Asus’ RoG products in terms of visual impact. While this type of façade would surely appeal to RGB fans, others may find it to be a little too extravagant.

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EVGA Graphics Card
EVGA Graphics Card

EVGA, in contrast to the other three manufacturers described above, is an American company that specializes solely in Nvidia graphics cards, along with a variety of additional gear and accessories. What’s more, EVGA is well-known for the exceptional quality of the graphics cards that they produce. Despite the fact that some of the higher-end models might be very expensive, they still have something to suit any budget.

Furthermore, it’s reasonable to say that they offer one of the best warranty schemes of any firm on this list, if not the best. We’re talking about extended warranties that can last up to ten years and are offered for a comparatively reasonable cost. Having said that, it’s simple to see why so many Nvidia enthusiasts are devoted to EVGA.

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ASRock Graphics Card
ASRock Graphics Card

ASRock Incorporation, based in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in 2002 as a well-known specialty “motherboard” manufacturing company that has gained in prominence over the years. ASRock is putting in significant effort to establish its brand in the context of the 3C design philosophy, which stands for “creativity/originality, consideration, and cost-effectiveness,” among other things.

Due to the fact that it is a young and lively company, it has quickly expanded its horizons and targeted a varied range of consumers, ranging from the general public to hardcore technology aficionados, for a variety of motherboard markets.

With its successful exploration of new horizons, the company is well on its way to achieving its aim. Throughout the years, ASRock has maintained a global reputation for dependability, high quality, and service expertise, establishing itself as a superior and more efficient choice to competitor companies.

ASRock has just entered the graphics card market with the goal of mining cryptocurrencies. ASRock graphics cards are among the most cost-effective graphics cards on the market. They are constructed from high-quality components that provide good performance, and they are priced at a level that is reasonable for the majority of people. The graphics cards produced by the company are on par with the most recent AMD graphics card technology.

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ZOTAC Graphics Card
ZOTAC Graphics Card

With a very fresh Hong Kong-based firm, ZOTAC is a competitor to EVGA in that it presently manufactures just Nvidia graphics cards, as well as Mini PCs and a few other accessories.

When compared to some of the major manufacturers on this list, ZOTAC’s product range isn’t quite as diverse, but they still have something to fit everyone’s needs—from the more expensive, high-end studio versions to some more compact and affordable variants of some GPUs.

When it comes to small form factor gaming PCs, ZOTAC is arguably your best bet right now, since their Mini versions are both compact and have reasonable cooling performance, making them an excellent pick.

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PNY Graphics Card
PNY Graphics Card

PNY isn’t as well-known as the names of the majority of the other companies on this list. Despite the fact that it is a U.S.-based company that mostly manufactures flash memory goods, they also have a small selection of graphics cards available that you may come across.

Overall, the most significant advantage that PNY graphics cards have is their cost. As you might assume, PNY cuts a lot of corners with their graphics cards in order to keep them as low in price as possible. As a result, their cards are likely to appeal to individuals who are particularly tight on money and need to spend as little as possible on a GPU.

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Sapphire Graphics Card
Sapphire Graphics Card

We’ve reached one of AMD’s exclusive partners, and it’s unquestionably one of the most well-known of the bunch—Sapphire—now. Sapphire, which is based in Hong Kong, produces some of the greatest AMD graphics cards available right now, and it’s easy to understand why the company is a favorite among AMD enthusiasts.

Their build quality is excellent, and their coolers are extremely energy efficient as well. However, as compared to some of the other manufacturers on this list, Sapphire provides a rather limited warranty duration, which may deter some potential consumers from purchasing from them.

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XFX Graphics Card
XFX Graphics Card

Much like SAPPHIRE Technology, XFX is another highly regarded AMD partner that places a premium on dependability and value above all else. The company is based in the United States, and while their graphics cards aren’t particularly attractive in terms of design, their excellent price-to-quality ratio more than compensates for this.

Having said that, the current XFX cards, with their plain black shrouds, may not appear to be much, but they provide good cooling and dependability at a more affordable price than some of their competitors. When it comes to warranties, they provide a 3-year limited guarantee on the majority of their popular cards, while some models only come with two years.
Partnered with: AMD

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When it comes to GPU designs, each of these companies has its own unique variations. Some design versions are more affordable than others, and some of the features may not be available on that particular design variation.

From the standpoint of a buyer’s guide, these brands are literally the best that can be found on the market today. We strongly advise you to choose one of these brands that have been highlighted.

Of course, your own preference will always be the most important factor, so choose the option that offers the most features that you require.

We are convinced that one or more of the brands indicated above has the features you are looking for, so make your selection carefully!