May 22, 2017
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Apple Watch – The New Ways To Stay In Touch.

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Apple Watch Sport – Apple Watch – Apple Watch Edition

Apple has announced the release date and price of smart watch “Apple Watch”. It deployed in three collection “Apple Watch Sport”, “Apple Watch” and “Apple Watch Edition”. Released in April 24, the price for Apple Watch Sport starting at $349, Apple Watch starts at $549 and Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000.

Apple Watch, the smart watch that developed by Apple for wearable device equipped with OS “Watch OS”. Announcement of September 2014 initially, it has been on sale in early 2015.

Any collection, by rotating the Crown portion, “Digital crown” can do screen zoom and perform scrolling. Return to the home button by pressing the digital crown, you can access the voice assist function “Siri” if long press. Equipped with a Force Touch features can determine the difference between the ‘press’ and ‘touch’.

To inform the user when receive incoming or message by tapping the arm. Replies and calls can be carried out in Apple Watch, but it can also be transferred to the iPhone. It has the Digital Touch features to give you fun with communicate ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers. More enjoy with Sketch function by use your finger to draw something quickly and communicate with your friend who can watch your drawing, then respond with a creation for you. In addition, it has a fitness function to record separately the user activity amounts to three “move”, “exercise” and “stand”.

Standard app messages, telephone, e-mail, calendar, activities, workout, map, Passbook, Siri, music, remote camera, Remote, weather, stock prices, photos, alarm, stopwatch, timer, world clock, setting. Charging is done by connecting the connector to the Apple Watch the back cover. It is capable of continuous use of up to 18 hours. Compatible with iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s / 6/6 Plus which equipped with iOS 8.2 or higher.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport, one of the three collections, the most casual line. The Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodized aluminum in silver and space gray. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass. Band is made of fluoroelastomer sports bands comes in five different colors, white, blue, green, pink and black. Price 42mm is $399, 38mm is $349.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch, stainless steel case which has been subjected to a mirror finish, employs a stainless steel case of the space black. The band, fluoroelastomer made sports band (black, white), Classic buckle (black only), Milanese loop, leather loop (Stone, light brown, bright blue), modern buckle (soft pink, brown, midnight blue), link bracelet.

Approximate price is $549 for 38mm sports band, $590 in 42mm. $640 for Classic buckle and Milanese loop in 38mm, $689 in 42mm. $689 leather loop is 42mm only. $739 modern buckle 38mm only. Stainless steel case link bracelet is $935 in 38mm, $985 in 42mm. $1,042 for 38mm space black stainless steel case space black link bracelet, $1,090 in 42mm.

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition, standard twice cases employing the 18K which was developed so as to be on the hardness of the gold, 18K yellow gold and two 18K rose gold. Band, sports band (black, white), Classic buckle (Black, Midnight Blue), to provide a modern buckle (Rose Gray, Bright Red).

Price is $10,513 for 38mm sports band, $12,155 in 42mm. $15,440 in classic buckle 42mm only, $17,905 in modern buckle 38mm only.

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