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Diablo II: Resurrected Is Still Being Plagued By Hellish Server

In the month of September, Blizzard launched Diablo II: Resurrected – a remaster of its classic ARPG hack-and-slash, originally released on computers two decades ago.

Somehow though, over the past week, it’s all fallen apart on Blizzard’s end and a lot of players (across all platforms) are struggling to just log into the game.

Some have even lost characters along the way, thanks to the ongoing server outages.

Although patches and fixes have been issued in an attempt to rectify the situation, it seems many players are still encountering the same problems.

It’s now got to the point on social media, where the hashtag #RefundD2R is beginning to gain traction – some have already refunded their own digital copies of the game on consoles, but this is not possible for anyone who purchased the game directly from Blizzard.