May 20, 2017
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KEHAN K300 Front and Rear Channel Dash Cams for Cars Review

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The dash cams for cars become increasingly important because many insurance companies now accept these as evidence to support a claim in the unfortunate event of an accident. There are lots of good dash cams available on the market these day, but the most of them can record only what happens in front of you. With the KEHAN K300, dash cam front and rear, you get a second camera on a long wire which records the view behind your car as well, giving you evidence in the event of an accident.

Design and Features

KEHAN K300 comes in a beautifully designed, this dash cam looks like a small smartphone. It has a 4.0-inch screen, much larger than usual dash cam to date. With a larger screen, this means it’s easy to replay recordings and easy to see the menus to change settings. On the other hand, it takes up more space, and potentially blocking the view of the road.


main unit

KEHAN K300 has the big notable lens at the front, wrapped in a shiny chrome effect plastic that’s very obvious from outside the car. As it’s easy to see from the outside, it might act as a deterrent to potential car thieves or carjackers. It comes complete with a suction cup to fix it to the windscreen. The suction cup works fine, but I feel like the dash cam can be removed too easily as it’s only held in by friction.

A long cable power adaptor is provided that should be long enough for most cars to mount the camera in the center of the rear window. It doesn’t offer a USB pass through, so you can’t charge a phone or tablet from the same power outlet. You can charge the battery by connecting it to a cigarette lighter socket. However, the internal battery is very thin and lasts only a short while, you need to keep plugged in all the time to keep it working.

rear camera

rear camera

You should use the screws when installing the rare camera instead of the provided sticky pad. We have little disappointed as it doesn’t have bracket designed for stick to the rear window. The camera turns on and off based on the power from your car’s 12V socket, or you can turn it off manually by holding down the OK button. You can get the maximum resolution from the front camera at 1920×1080. The 8GB memory card will record only one hour of video. Then, you should buy a 32GB card bundle to give you around four hours of your drive.


The KEHAN K300 is good dash cams for cars, protected both front and rear with includes a rear facing camera. This is a better choice than dash cams that have a second lens attached to the back of the main unit, as you can position the remote lens wherever you want. Easy to use with useful features like Auto ON/OFF, Loop Record, Motion Detection, Night Vision Ability, G-Sensor, AV/HDMI/USB Interface, Video Watermark etc. The KEHAN K300 is pretty good value overall for the price.


  • With 4.0¡± High-definition TFT digital and ultrathin display screen, K300 provides you a wonderful visual perception.
  • Equipped with Novatek NT96658 + Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor, K300 support 1080P HD resolution video so that the video can broadcast smoothly. Furthermore, high Resolution Ensures Video Details Quality in All Road Circumstances
  • Easy to use and convenient to operate. Dual-channel video, support one button switch among front channel, dual channel, and rear channel.
  • Multi-functional features with all standard functions like Auto ON/OFF, Loop Record, Motion Detection, Night Vision Ability, G-Sensor, AV/HDMI/USB Interface, Video Watermark etc.
  • With other unique features like SOS Button, High-Capacity Memory Card Support, MOV video format, H.264 codec, High Heat Resistant that offer you a variety of choices.

KEHAN K300 4.0″ Full HD 1080P Dual Lens Car Dash Cam 120 Degree Wide Angle with Night Vision Motion Detection with 32GB Memory Card

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