May 25, 2017
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LG 60LF6100 Best 60-inch TV Under $1000

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LG 60LF6100, 60-inch 1080p LED LCD TV from LG, the model series just below the LF6300 series. The LG 60LF6100 also has very good high-definition picture quality but it lacks the usual wider-than-average viewing angle. Unlike the LF6300 models, the LF6100 set has a direct LED backlight, and it comes with the older smart TV platform instead of the newer webOS interface.

The 60LF6100 claims a “TruMotion 120” refresh rate as in the LF6300-series, but its motion blur reduction is only average. It comes with three HDMI inputs and a more basic remote, not LG’s point-and click Magic remote, you can be purchased as an option.

LG 60LF6100 features

LG 60LF6100 features

LG 60LF6100 had very good high-definition picture quality, also displaying the finest detail. The images looking natural thanks to a very good color accuracy on this model. But color temperature seem slightly on the cool side, lending images to a bluish tone. Contrast was good, so images had depth and dimension looking. The brightness level was good, making it a suitable choice for most rooms. Black levels were generally good, though not as dark as better performers on the darkest scenes.

Images had an excellent level of detail without any enhancement. The film mode operations and deinterlacing process were excellent on HD content. LG 60LF6100 has good motion performance, includes TruMotion which designed to reduce motion blur.

There was unnatural contours on scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, rather than a smooth transition in the shaded areas.

LG 60LF6100 has good sound quality and volume range, so this model should play sufficiently loud in typical room environments, generally clear and natural sounding. Bass extension was decent and treble was nicely detailed.

The LF6100 has a moderate viewing angle overall, you will get the best picture quality while seating directly in front of the TV. If you seated in chairs off to the side, you’ll see decent but compromised image quality.

Screen surface is glossy and therefore vulnerable to reflections from a nearby windows or any lamp. However, the screen is dark so it does a good job to dropping glare from ambient light and maintains contrast even in a bright room.

Ease of use
Overall, the 60LF6100 was easy to use. You’ll probably adjust only once at first time setting. The remote control is very good, function buttons were sufficiently large and have high-contrast labeling, making them easier to see and navigate. Easy to access to features that you use more often, and the on-screen menu is easy to navigate. Mounting the TV to the included one-piece support stand is easy.

Advanced Features and Connections
The LF6100 provides advanced Internet capability, access to a library of applications via LG SMART WORLD and a full Web browser.

This model includes three HDMI inputs, one shared connection between the component and composite inputs (you can only use one type or the other at a time), three USB ports, optical digital audio output, Wi-Fi and Ethernet port.

LG 60LF6100

LG 60LF6100


•Deliver excellent HD image detail
•Looking natural, very good color accuracy

•Images slightly on a bluish tone
•Moderate viewing angle


The LG 60LF6100 is the best 60-inch LCD HDTV under $1000 with a native resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p) and LED backlight feature. It has a faster 120Hz frame rate and feature designed to reduce motion blur.

The 60LF6100 can access online content, including streaming movie and TV services. It can make both wired and wireless connection. An Ethernet jack for a wired connection to your home network via a cable while Wi-Fi capable, so you can connect it to your home network wirelessly. It is DLNA certified, so you can view digital photos stored on a compatible computer, smart phone, or other device. It also has 3 USB ports, which may be used to play media stored on a flash drive. This set is an amazing value at it price!

LG Electronics 60LF6100 60-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV (2015)

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