May 25, 2017
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Nyrius ARIES Prime Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

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The Nyrius ARIES Prime provides you complete control over what you would like to view by streaming from your personal computer to High definition tv in razor sharp, uncompressed 1080p hi-def with no decrease in image quality. You will finally watch that assortment of Television and movies shows already stored on your pc, along with content from services like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, or any other video loading website to your widescreen HDTV. Enjoy the self-reliance of no being tied to software applications longer, TV schedules or your cable supply bill and watch all of your favorite development on your conditions.

You’re forced to hold back for enough in life; the Nyrius ARIES Prime’s simple plug ‘n play setup gets you viewing fast. There’s no software required – all you need to do is plug the transmitter and receiver straight into your device’s HDMI slots and you’re immediately linked.

A robust 30ft signal without latency means you’ll never be remaining wondering if what you’re watching is instantly. Take your computer and system video gaming experience to another level by transmitting your PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 sign wirelessly, confident that whenever you press a button the Nyrius ARIES Prime will react with audio and video that’s completely in sync with the overall game. And because the option is had by you of running the HD sender through USB, you can sit down comfortably whilst getting the high rating since you’re not anchored for an outlet.

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Combine your daily online interactions with your entertainment system for a convenient, comfortable and complete home browsing experience previously only dreamt about – all and never have to offer with scores of cables. Transmit the indication from your personal computer wirelessly, digital cable container, satellite recipient, Blu-ray/Dvd and blu-ray player, gaming system or other HDMI device to your house theater system and get rid of the wires streaking down the wall structure of your installed High definition tv.While its compact flash drive design is optimized for use with laptop computers, Nyrius ARIES Primary connects any computer or HDMI device to your HDTV effortlessly. The powerful digital sign received’t with interfere

Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or any other wifi network, so you’re absolve to arrange your living room the right path, without having to be a slave to your sound/video devices. Place your wire box in a cupboard over the room which means that your wall mounted High definition tv set up remains unspoiled.

Nyrius ARIES Prime

Nyrius ARIES Prime

Nyrius ARIES Prime


  • Browse the Internet conveniently, shop online, stream play and media games from your laptop on your HDTV
  • Watch 1080p films from your Blu-ray player wirelessly on your HDTV, with 3D compatibility
  • Enhance presentations by posting your display in HD when using your laptop to check out your notes; perfect portability for play and work
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