May 20, 2017
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Olympus AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens for Smartphone

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Olympus AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens for Smartphone

Smartphone camera has rapidly evolved for day-to-day. Olympus “AIR A01” on the other hand so as to correspond to the interchangeable lens of Micro Four Thirds, width 56.9 × height 57.1 × depth 43.6mm, light in a more compact and about 147g. Connect with either camera also smartphone and Wi-Fi, and a new concept of digital camera to shoot using the LCD monitor of the smartphone.

Olympus AIR A01 is a new concept camera that provides easy controls for shooting, image handling and ability to upload to social network through your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As we know, the popularity of social network has increased and the number of users who feel that photos are familiar part of their lives increasing too. Most of people just using photos as a simple way to remember events and the demand for high-quality photos still increasing. For that reason, the interchangeable lens which produce high quality photos is also increasing.

Olympus AIR A01

OLYMPUS AIR A01 Body + M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ (White, Black)

Olympus AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens for Smartphone

Olympus AIR A01 is was developed to meet the needs of this type of user. The OLYMPUS AIR A01 provide professional photo quality without specialized shooting knowledge and manual setting. The complex settings are done by 8 different smartphone apps that make it easy to capture any photo with high quality like a pro shooting.

Olympus AIR A01 equipped with a clean 16M Live MOS image sensor even at high sensitivity, combination of image processing engine TruePic VII. The Olympus AIR A01 also employs the FAST AF system for high-speed, high-precision autofocusing by simply touch the location on the smartphone screen that you want.

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