Jun 23, 2017
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Onkyo E700MB/27 Hi-Resolution In-Ear Headphone Review

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If you looking for a High-Res Audio headphones that don’t cost too much and can actually be affordable for those on a limited budget, Onkyo E700M is a good choice. It comes in at a very reasonable price while stylish, comfortable and also great sound. The Onkyo E700MB/27 in-ear headphone shows us that Hi-Res Audio headphones don’t need to be expensive and they sound also great without compatible equipment and files.

Stylish design with twisted cable which looks quite cool and felt luxurious. This not only makes the cable stand out but stops them getting tangled which is always a pain when you want to just get listening. Ear pods fitted nicely with its angular design and it’s hard to confuse for left and right here. The aluminum casing looks really great with the spun glossy finish and also helps get rid of unwanted vibration.

We love the memory foam which fills our ear canal very well creating an excellent seal. It keeping noise out and audio in so this can improve sound quality, plus makes Onkyo E700M more comfortable than the vast majority of in-ears. These headphones are lightweight at just 18g. Features like a 1.2m cable and in-line microphone are pretty standard. However, the control has no volume buttons which is a shame.

Onkyo E700M Hi-Resolution in-ear headphone provides great sound quality thanks to the large 13.5mm high power neodymium drivers. The bass is strong and has an impressive richness like there are tiny woofers hidden somewhere, which you rarely find in headphones under $100. The mid-range and top-end are both detailed, present in the mix.


  • Good price for Hi-Resolution headphone
  • Great sound quality with details
  • Ear pods fitted nicely
  • Luxurious design with aluminum casing and twisted cable


  • The control has no volume buttons

Key Features

  • Supports High Resolution Audio
  • Semi-closed acoustic architecture with custom designed 13.5mm high power driver
  • Sturdy aluminium housing provides a rigid metal cabinet to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Twisted tangle-free cable with high quality in-line control

Onkyo E700MB/27 Hi-Resolution In-Ear Headphone with Mic, Black


Bestseller No. 1
Onkyo E700MB/27 Hi-Resolution In-Ear Headphone with Mic, Black
23 Reviews
Onkyo E700MB/27 Hi-Resolution In-Ear Headphone with Mic, Black
  • Supports High Resolution Audio
  • Semi-closed acoustic architecture with custom designed 13.5mm high power driver
  • Sturdy aluminium housing provides a rigid metal cabinet to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Twisted tangle-free cable with high quality in-line control
SaleBestseller No. 2
dodocool In-ear Earphones Hi-Res Stereo Earbuds Sound-Isolation Wired Headphones with Mic for iPhone Samsung Google HTC LG Phones Tablets Mp3 & More
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dodocool In-ear Earphones Hi-Res Stereo Earbuds Sound-Isolation Wired Headphones with Mic for iPhone Samsung Google HTC LG Phones Tablets Mp3 & More
  • [High-Resolution Audio Certified] Complies with the High-Resolution Audio standard (24-bit/96kHz) and is much better than CDs (16-bit/44.1kHz). The frequency response is up to 45 kHz which exceeds the standard of Hi-Res earphones (40 kHz).
  • [High Quality Materials] Adopt OFC wire cores to reduce the loss of signal transmission and the attenuation of sound. The standard 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug effectively reduces signal resistance. Provide high-fidelity transmission of audio signal resolution and conductivity.
  • [Large 9mm Titanium Driver Unit] Adopt a large 9mm nano-titanium driver unit to deliver a precise representation of the original sound. Provide ultra-fast responses and withstand unsurpassed dynamic power simultaneously.
  • [In-line Remote] Tangle-free cable with the in-line multifunction button and the HD microphone allows you to take handsfree calls, play or pause a song and use the voice control function conveniently.
  • [Sound Isolation] Ergonomic design with three sizes of interchangeable soft, silicone earplugs provides maximum comfort and a secure hold and blocks outside noise.
Bestseller No. 3
Pioneer Ergonomic Tangle Resistant In-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones, Silver (SE-CH5T-S)
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Pioneer Ergonomic Tangle Resistant In-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones, Silver (SE-CH5T-S)
  • Developed and Certified for playback of Hi-Res Audio formats
  • Ultra-wide-spectrum 9.7 mm (3/8˝) dynamic drivers for accurate detail reproduction and excellent imaging performance
  • Airflow control port technology improves mid-band clarity
  • Tuned for impressively clear, accurate, and enjoyable sound
  • Inline remote control and microphone with call answer/end function and limited Audio control when used with selected smartphones

* last update: 2017-06-23

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Onkyo in-ear headphones well worth their price

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Onkyo E700M review - high-resolution audio for just £75

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It's not often you see high-resolution support for in-ear headphones under £100, but that's precisely what you get with Onkyo's E700M. They're also beautifully designed. Onkyo's used a semi-closed design for the E700M, as there's a small grille at the...

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What are the Onkyo e700M?
Over the last 12 weeks we’ve seen an influx of new headphones functioning to bring top-end audio quality and features to the sub-£100 market. Shows possess included the SoundMagic Etymotic and Age80 MK5, which both arrived close to providing audio quality on a par with models charging near to double their cost.

The £75 e700M are Onkyo’s attempt to pull the same trick, but come with the added allure of being “Hi-Res Sound ready”.

Eventually those Hi-Res Audio claims avoid lead to any massive leap in sound quality, but the e700M are still a fantastic set of earphones that any kind of music fan about a budget should check away.

Onkyo electronic700M – Comfort and ease and Style
The e700M’s aren’t the subtlest-looking headphones. The two-tone wrapped wire makes them look like the lovechild of an established of Home of Marley headphones and the SoundMagic Y80s. The buds’ sparkly steel casing and grille sticking out from the earpieces are also a little jazzy for my taste.

I’m also a little disappointed that the inline remote control (iOS and Google android compatible) attached to the still left earpiece just features a play/stop switch and microphone. I’d have prefered it if Onkyo got handled to weight a quantity control into the earphones. It’s a little quibble, but I like getting capable to change the quantity of my music without having to draw my telephone out.

Luckily the headphones make up for these presssing issues when it comes to functionality and build quality. The casings and cable may appear absurd, but they’re tough fairly. The earbuds made it being walked on even more than once unintentionally, and the wire seems durable plenty of to survive typical use and rip. This can be a large offer, as the cable is not detachable – if it will go, you’ll become on the marketplace for a fresh established of headphones.

The e700M are incredibly comfortable to wear also. The primary earphones arrive with three pairs of silicon ideas and one set of polyurethane foam buds. With the correct-sized guidelines, the headphones fitted into my ear canal and provided a solid seal off nicely. The earpieces’ circular casing sitting easily in my external ear and, when mixed with the light excess weight, also guaranteed they by no means experienced like they had been on the brink of dropping out.

Onkyo e700M – Audio Quality
Onkyo’s pressing the at the700M’t 6Hz .-40kHz frequency response as an important selling point for the headphones. The physique means the earphones are Hi-Res Sound ready officially, but to me that’s of limited curiosity.

The fact is that Hi-Res Sound is a minefield still. The term is certainly an advertising message sound businesses make use of to explain any audio codec that surpasses Compact disc quality. The only point a set of earphones offers to perform to end up being Hi-Res ready is usually to cover the necessary regularity range – a physique that is not a sure indication they’ll offer above-average sound quality.

The type of drivers used and, in the full case of portable listening, how good the headphones are at sound isolation, are equally important factors that determine how well headphones can deliver Hi-Res Audio. This left me a little anxious that the elizabeth700M’s Hi-Res promises could be a case of the Emperor’s New Clothing. This switched out to be the case Sadly.

The feature was tested by me using an HTC 10 and variety of Hi-Res sound jazz masters. During my personal assessments using the headphones in the workplace and on my travel to and from function, I battled to hear an apparent difference. Doing a sightless check with close friends where I acquired them pay attention to the Hi-Res and regular variations of a track back to back again, not really one of the three laboratory rodents could inform the difference.

Fortunately, putting the Hi-Res disappointment aside, the e700M are a very competent set of headphones. They present the greatest and most well balanced audio quality I’ve experienced in a bass speaker-£100 set of in-ears for quite some period.

The 108dW sensitivity let them deliver solid maximum volumes distortion-free, and the 32-ohm impedance figure means they’re easily driven by any standard 3.5mm headphone output. The age700M’h 13.5mm semi-closed neodymium motorists offered a well balanced sound across several genres.

Listening to an array of designs including vintage rock and roll, a key component acoustic guitar, punk, prog and J-Pop – do not judge me personally, Baby Metallic are awesome – I was impressed by the y700M’t low-end overall performance particularly. As well subwoofer-£100 earphones drive striper as well very much frequently, creating an out of balance sound that just favors dance and club music.

The e700M by comparision provide a nicely balanced bass that gives the mid-range and treble room to breathe, while offering suitable power and rumble to let blues and rock songs shine.

Sibilance occasionally snuck in when hearing to emo and spirit performers in large amounts, but the e700M’s audio was noticeably better and fuller than competing pieces even now, want the SoundMagic E80, Etymotic Sennheiser and MK5 Impetus In-Ear.

My only critique of the at the700M’h sound comes from an inclination for their treble to harden. Hearing to traditional punk and weighty metal paths at high volumes, drummers and the electric guitars’ cymbals sometimes started to audio severe and damage what was normally an extremely well-balanced sound.

Should We purchase the Onkyo elizabeth700M?
If you’re a music enthusiast on a spending budget, searching for a well-balanced collection of regular in-ears, yes then, you should consider Onkyo’s age700M absolutely. The y700M are super-comfortable to wear and give superb sound quality likened to most contending sub-£100 headphones. Bass is usually managed and exact, and the mid-range is powerful and full when up against the likes of the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear.

But if you’re after a collection of earphones to move with your bright fresh Astell & Kern AK70 Hi-Res Sound participant or Onkyo’s own DP-X1, you may be disappointed then. They might formally cover the required frequency range to be tagged Hi-Res Audio prepared, but that’s just an on-paper accomplishment. The e700M simply don’t possess the sonic chops to reveal the advantages of Hi-Res Sound.

If you place Onkyo’t Hi-Res Audio claims apart, the e700M are a fantastic set of headphones that provide balanced sound quality wonderfully.

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