Indoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit

Constantly dealing with tangled cords? Endless searches for the right plug to match the strand you’re trying to use? These are problems of the past. This wireless remote control outlet kit makes turning on holiday lights a snap.

No more headaches! No more hassle. Just an easy-to-use, wireless remote that’ll make your life just a little bit easier this holiday season. Every year you break the same sweat turning on your holiday decorations. It can be a hassle. You need to go out to the garage or wherever the lights are, find the light strands, figure out how they’re wired, and then do it all over again for each string of lights.

This holiday season, ditch that hassle with this wireless remote control outlet kit! It operates with just one click of a button – no cords or complex wiring required. You can set up your Christmas lights to turn on at different times throughout the day so they look lit throughout every hour of the evening!

It’s perfect for those hard-to-reach lamps, lights, and appliances, or for use in security. Give the gift of convenience this holiday season. Everyone deserves to turn on their lights in peace.


  • WIRELESS CONTROL KIT THAT CONTROLS UP TO 3 DEVICES: remotely control indoor lights and appliances up to a range of 100 ft, so no more having to run around the house to switch off/on various lights and appliances
  • CONVENIENT WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL KIT: this remote control receiver kit has one-touch convenience, making it practical for those who can’t move around freely; they can control up to 3 lights or appliances around the house without having to move much
  • WORKS THROUGH WALLS, WINDOWS AND DOORS: the signals from the wireless remote control kit can travel through walls, windows and doors for up to 10 ft, enabling you to effortlessly control indoor lights or appliances in another part of the house
  • Versatile wireless remote control kit: from indoor festive lights, electric fans to hard-to-reach lamps, this wireless control kit give you control with one-touch convenience; fuss-free set up mean more convenience for you
  • Wireless remote control kit specifications: CFL, LED, incandescent compatible; 125V, 60Hz, 13A, 1625W Resistive; 8A 1000W Tungsten; 1/3Hp; inclusive of 3 receivers with space-saving grounded outlet, 1 transmitter, and 12V A23 battery
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