Motion Detection LED Toilet Light

Keep your late-night bathroom trips safe and simple with the Motion Detection LED Toilet Light. No more stubbing toes when you get up in the middle of the night to pee! With the new innovative LED toilet light, you can turn on your toilet light by simply stepping into your bathroom.

How many times have you awoken in the middle of the night to take a potty break only to stub your toe on the furniture near the bathroom entrance? Don’t let this happen to you any longer. Start off your day in a better mood with less pain for just under $20.

The little gadget provides an easy and safe solution to poorly lit, hard-to-reach bathrooms with a motion sensor that detects body heat and lights up your path. The light has adjustable brightness and emits no heat. It also works as a night light for those early morning bathroom trips!

The is the perfect gift for parents who worry about their children walking to the bathroom in the dark or anyone who wants a better solution. Trust us, you’ll never use another toilet light again!

Video: LumiLux Toilet Light


  • 🚽Makes Late Night Bathroom Trips More Convenient: The built-in toilet light motion sensor detects body heat, illuminating the bathroom when you enter and shuts down when you leave
  • 🚽Light Up Fun for the Whole Family: Our 16 color toilet bowl light makes going to the bathroom a lot more entertaining. Choose a fixed color or carousel mode for a fun toilet lights show
  • 🚽Fits Any Toilet: The adjustable, flexible arm on the toilet night light can be bent to fit around any toilet bowl rim and provides a secure fit that won’t fall off
  • 🚽Easily Set to Your Preference: Our toilet LED light comes with a 5 stage dimmer, allowing you to choose how bright or dark your lighted toilet seat glows
  • 🚽Lifetime Replacement Policy: As your source for toilet illumination accessories, we want to keep your bathroom lit for years, backing our Lumilux toilet light with a lifetime replacement pled