Mar 11, 2015
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Roku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV Stick

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Roku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV Stick

I’m a big fan of the Roku Streaming Stick and love this thing since it came out. Back, I’m is no replacement for their set-top boxes but the portability in the convenience is undeniable there’s just one problem. Amazon recently released its Fire TV Stick and now I’ve got wondering eyes its slimmer, little bit sexier, it’s got some big specs going on for it. Well, the real question is, which one is right for you they both have their own ecosystems. They’re both good for doing different things, the best way to figure it out is to do a good old fashioned comparison.

Ruku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV

Ruku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV

First we look at the specs because the Fire TV Stick looks a lot more powerful at list on paper. The Roku Streaming Stick sports a single-core processor, the Fire TV Stick has a dual-core. The Roku Streaming Stick packs have 512 MB of ram, the Fire TV Stick have 1GB. The flash storage is a huge difference with the Roku Streaming Stick you get just 256 megabytes whereas the Fire TV Stick has 8 gigabytes. That’s mostly for the gaming, both have a dual band, dual WiFi antenna, both put out 1080 p video. A Fire TV Stick edges out the Roku when it comes too advanced surround sound capabilities. Fire TV Stick also comes with an HDMI extender in the box whereas the Roku does it, and finally the Roku’s way more apt than Amazon does, although Amazon does have most of the major players except for HBO Go which could be a deal breaker.

Roku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV Stick

Let’s get down to some real-world use stuff. Even though you can power both these of a TV or Blu-ray player USB ports those ports usually shut off when you turn off the device. So for the best experience plug them into the wall. If you do that, the stick will always be on whole time and will never be an issue. You will see the Fire TV Stick booted up twice as fast as up and running in 45 seconds while the Roku Streaming Stick takes almost twice that long. Now let’s see which is faster at loading some key App.

We’ll make our way here for Netflix and Hulu, we see the Roku is vastly quicker at loading Netflix right after the stick has been booted up, the same happens with Hulu Plus. This makes the Roku Streaming Stick looks like it’s faster once it’s booted up but there are some important caveats here. With Hulu, it appears that the Fire TV Stick is able to keep the app running in the background so if you load it up recently it marches lightning-fast.

Ruku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV - Whizzpage

Roku Streaming Stick VS Fire TV Stick

Now let’s check out how quickly content start streaming when we select the same show from same services. For Netflix, the fire TV stick launch the show faster and it with a better quality right after that, same thing for our Hulu show the Fire TV Stick smokes the Roku. In fact, the Fire TV’s features is that will preload content based on what it thinks you’re going to watch for more instantly view.

I like both of these devices a lot, the Fire TV stick, that cost less has better selection of games and better gameplay experience. But Roku Streaming Stick search feature can’t be undervalued and I know a lot of people who just find Roku’s interface most friendly. You can also play content stored on an iPhone directly to a Roku, and has a better overall selection of Apps. Plus the smartphone and tablet remote app is flat out better. Now, that you know about both, you can figure out which is right for you.

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