May 24, 2017
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Samsung 960 PRO and EVO Review – Ultimate M.2 Internal SSD Speed

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Samsung sits in the top position when it comes to building today’s high-speed Solid State Drives, also known as SSDs. Samsung is one of the companies who builds every component within its SSDs, from the drive controller to the flash memory, to the PCB these pieces are mounted on. This is a huge benefit which helps Samsung to track and improve the performance out of its products and has helped establish Samsung SSDs as a premiere drive.

The new release of the Samsung 960 PRO and EVO helps extend that lead, delivering outstanding performance designed to give gamers and performance users a superb experience. Both of these new products use the latest version of Samsung’s revolutionary V-NAND technology for reliable and efficient performance, which allows them to stack large amounts of memory into a small package, allowing the SSD to deliver blistering read/write speeds.

Because of Samsung’s advanced end-to-end integration, fine-tuning each component to maximize storage capacity and optimize performance. The new 960 PRO is available up to a whopping 2TB of capacity, while the EVO maxes out at a still impressive 1TB, more than enough for large gaming collections. Yet both drives still use the tiny M.2 2280 form factor, which is designed to take up a small amount of space in your case.

Most new motherboard from the last two years includes an M.2 port, so you shouldn’t need to upgrade your motherboard if it’s relatively new. Both products are built to help utilize the extreme bandwidth offered by PCIe 3.0 over four lanes, also known as PCIe 3.0 x4, combined with the latest Samsung NVMe technology.

The 960 PRO can hit a sequential read speed of up to 3500MB/sec, while sequential write performance is up to 2100MB/sec, up to 40% faster than the last generation of Samsung SSDs. It’s also extremely fast when it comes to random file performance, with a random read IOPs of up to 440,000 and write IOPs of up to 360,000. The 960 PRO offers exceptional lifespan and data security, boasting an endurance of up to 1.2 PBW (petabytes written). It also features Dynamic Thermal Guard, a technology that automatically throttles the drive’s temperature when it approaches dangerous levels to reduce the risk of overheating. Recommended for ultimate performance, gaming, and professional computing.

The 960 EVO is no slouch either, hitting a sequential read speed of up to 3200MB/sec, and sequential write of up to 1900MB/sec. Random read speeds max out at 380,000 IOPs, while write speeds hit the same speeds as the PRO, at up to 360,000 IOPs. The 960 EVO offers exceptional lifespan and data security, boasting an endurance rating of up to 200 TBW (terabytes written). It also features Dynamic Thermal Guard as in the 960 PRO. Recommended for advanced performance, gaming, and professional computing.

So, what do they mean to gamers? For starters, your games should load in the blink of an eye. They are also designed to decrease level load times, allowing you to quickly enter the server. Finally, overall desktop PC or laptop performance is designed to be more responsive, with the ability to load applications and large files in an extremely short amount of time.

Samsung 960 Series, the blazing fast M.2 Internal SSD boasts exceptional read-write speeds that allow it to easily handle high-intensity tasks such as video editing, data analysis, and gaming. And it comes with Samsung’s Magician software so you can easily monitor, manage, and optimize drive performance. It’s hard to understate just how fast the new Samsung 960 PRO and EVO drives are. If you’re looking for the fastest Samsung SSD on the market at the moment, these are the best one.

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