May 24, 2017
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Samsung Radiant 360 R7 WAM750 Speaker Review

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360º of rich, balanced sound with Ring Radiator Technology, Multi-room Compatible, Bluetooth, Tap and Swipe Speaker Top for Easy Control

Samsung Radiant 360 R7 WAM750 brings a revolution change from last year’s both in terms of design and performance. In last year’s model, Samsung was an early attempt to jump into the multi-room streaming audio segment, while the WAM7500 brings a move to step ahead their competitors by offering 360-degree audio.

Samsung Radiant 360 R7 WAM750 comes with breakthrough modern design, drastically different. It now seems like an elongated egg of kinds or a sorts of space ship. A gap at the bottom contains the radiator ring that’s responsible for dispersing the sound in all directions. Clean and easy, you won’t find any drivers on the speaker since they are all housed within the body, hidden beneath the resin shell.

Samsung has decided to go with just two thin slivers of silver on the body for the volume controls. So, there aren’t many control keys visible either, everything else like the power and play/pause are accessible by the way of touch areas on the body. It works fine for the most cases, however when you trying to “hold” buttons down to trigger pairing you will feels rather unintuitive. Sometimes, you’re not sure and worry about your finger if is over the right spot or not, it can happen for sure especially if you are a new to this speaker.

In the term of design, I personally like the design of the Samsung Radiant 360 R7 WAM750. It’s modern and steadily built, you can mounted on a more designer-style stand, and clearly it’s a design that lends itself well to any modern home environment. Base is sturdy enough so you don’t worry about it toppling.

The app UI (user interface) has also been updated fairly too. The virtual scroll wheel still rules most of the interface, but now, tapping anywhere beside it reveals a more traditional timeline interface that you can easily clear back and forth. However, the app seem to have a little problem if you ran it alongside the apps for other speakers. It lost the pairing completely, and you need to go through the entire setup process again.

Product Highlights

  • 360 degrees of rich, balanced sound
  • Stream and control your favorite music wirelessly with Samsung Multiform compatibility
  • Superior sound in a breakthrough modern design
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible

Samsung Radiant360 R7 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

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