May 20, 2017
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Samsung UN60JS7000 Impressive SUHD Color Tech

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Among the key variations between Samsung’s top-performing SUHD models and their other 4K Televisions is the innovative color technology in the SUHD units. Samsung’s new 60-inch, UN60JS7000 makes that same cutting-edge color technology surprisingly affordable.

An LCD TV’s color range depends upon the grade of the light made by its backlight. Lately, backlights shifted from fluorescent to LEDs, that offer purer light and better color slightly. LEDs are receiving a significant update now.

The UN60JS7000 features discovery backlight technology. Where standard LED backlights produce white light, this new design begins with LEDs that produce blue light. This light then shines through a film coating made up of vast amounts of green and red nanocrystals, known as “quantum dots also.” The producing high-purity coloured light expands the TV’s color range by 20%, providing richer, more extreme hues. An extra bonus is a large increase in the TV’s light efficiency to provide a brighter picture.

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Samsung UN60JS7000 SUHD

Samsung UN60JS7000 SUHD

Right now, your best option for viewing 4K content is web loading. The UN60JS7000 includes “HEVC” decoding, so that it can screen the streamed 4K films and Television series available from Netflix® and Amazon Instant Video without additional equipment needed. All the set’s HDMI inputs support HDCP 2.2 duplicate protection, this means you can enjoy 4K sources like Ultra HD Blu-ray movies when they get to late 2015.

Samsung’s UHD Video Pack (sold separately) lets you instantly make the majority of your Samsung Ultra HD TV. A little bigger when compared to a smartphone, this 1-terabyte hard drive comes pre-loaded with several full-length character and movies documentaries, all in magnificent full 4K resolution. Simply connect it to the TV using the provided USB cable and begin enjoying the best picture you’ve ever seen.

True 4K content shall continue to be scarce for some time, but that will not keep you from enjoying an amazing picture. Samsung made 4K upconversion a high concern as the video was developed by them control circuitry for the UN60JS7000. Their UHD Upscaling automatically upconverts any transmission to complement the screen’s 4K quality. All your current video resources – Blu-ray player, satellite or cable TV package, game system – can look much better than ever.

Samsung UN60JS7000

Samsung UN60JS7000

This TV’s brain is a speedy quad-core processor that enables you to see the web and never have to interrupt what you’re watching. Besides browsing the web you are able to do things like multitask or use one app while installing another. Whether your connection is wireless or wired, you are able to do an instant web search while you watch Television and films shows, and revel in TV when you talk with family and friends online. Samsung’s on-board collection of streaming video and music applications is second to non-e.

The AllShare™ Play feature lets you wirelessly access and stream content from any compatible device. If a Samsung is owned by you Galaxy smartphone or Tabs, you can talk about movies, photos, and music via the UN60JS7000. Your Wi-Fi® network enables you to do things such as “toss” photos from your phone or tablet to the screen with the swipe of the finger. Or drive loading video like Netflix films from device to display.

Sending content from your telephone to your Television is cool, and going TV-to-phone can be cooler even. Just download Samsung’s Smart View application and use it View feature to reflection whatever’s on the UN60JS7000’s display screen on your Galaxy mobile phone or Tab. You are able to leave the area without leaving your entertainment behind anytime.

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