May 20, 2017
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SMS Audio STREET – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

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The SMS Audio STREET by 50 Wired Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are studio style noise canceling headphones with over the ear design. This headphones can be used with the noise-canceling feature fired up or off. The SMS Audio STREET have a detachable 53-in . audio wire with a modified stereo system 4-contact mini-plug that works together with iPods, iPads, iPhones, plus some cell phones, but it might not be compatible with other sound devices. An inline is had by the headphones microphone and remote control with very good music player and call connect/disconnect handles. This model’s earcups can be folded for travel and storage. The Street by 50-ANC includes an USB charging cable, a mini-plug-to-airplane-jack adapter, and a carrying case.

As its name suggests, the SMS Audio Street by 50-ANC is a street-style over-the-ear headphone with active noise cancellation, offered in a selection of either silver or black color schemes. Though a little pricey, the goods are delivered by these headphones with very good sound and excellent active sound decrease, one of the better of the examined models. These headphones have a shut design, so as well as the digital noise cancellation they’ll some muffle outside noises, and decrease the amount of audio that escapes from the headphones. Therefore, they may be best for individuals who want to lessen the quantity of sound they hear using their environment, or who don’t want the sound from the headphones to disturb others, and who are more comfortable with how big is a home/studio-style model.


SMS Audio STREET by 50 Wired Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Design and features – This home/studio-style over-ear model’s closed design and electronic noise-canceling feature reduce both outdoors noise and audio leaking out into the environment. The headphones use or with no noise-canceling feature being turned on. You should use the noise-canceling feature without hearing music, and the audio wire is detachable if it is being used limited to noise reduction. The headphones have medium sensitivity if the noise-canceling feature is turn on or off, so they can offer satisfying quantity levels when used in combination with all however the least expensive powered portable sound devices, as well as home audio equipment. The Street by 50-ANC has a built-in microphone and player function controls that are appropriate for iPads, some iPods, some iPhones, and some other mobile phones. The decision connect/disconnect button can be utilized with some iPhones plus some other cellphones. These headphones may not operate with some non-iPod players or other sound equipment properly. This model has earcups that can fold for storage space or travel, and it includes a detachable audio wire, an USB charging wire, a mini-plug-to-airplane-jack adapter, a cleaning fabric, and a travel case.

Sound quality – With the noise-cancellation feature involved, the Street by 50-ANC provides very good overall sound, with a warmish figure, and excellent energetic noise reduction. Bass has good impact but is boomy and pronounced slightly. Midrange even is clean and, treble is recessed, while top treble is rolled off. The entire sound is open up relatively, with good dynamics. Using the noise-cancellation feature switched off the sound quality drops to reasonable: the bass becomes boomier, the midrange becomes nose and muffled, the treble becomes duller, and the audio becomes more shut in. These headphones provide excellent noise decrease on wide selection of sound, though a faint hiss can be noticed in very silent environments when there is absolutely no music or conversation playing through the headphones to face mask it.

Comfort – These headphones can create a sense of medium pressure round the ears, and the ear pads may feel hot and/or sticky after long term use.

SMS Audio Street by 50-ANC

SMS Audio Street by 50-ANC

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