May 21, 2017
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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – Time to Upgrade?

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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the new 4K console, and the improvements are certainly more 2016 than 1985. The new PlayStation 4 pro is meant for all hardcore gamers who looking for most powerful games console in the world. The PS4 Pro can natively support games rendered in 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) with HDR, or high dynamic range, technology to TVs that support it. So if you own a 4K Ultra-HD TV, this is a big change.

Three-tier stacked design case makes it look more modern, slightly taller. The PS4 Pro use the x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores, same CPU as the original but huge improve on GPU. PS4 Pro capable of cranking out 4.20 TERRAFLOPS, AMD Radeon-Based Graphics Engine to process graphics and more, this is 2x from the original PS4. The Pro’s CPU running at 2.1 GHz (1.6 GHz in the original PS4), while an upgraded AMD GPU offer double graphical performance with 36 compute units at compared to 18 compute units in the original model. The 8GB GDDR5 RAM enable the transfer speed up to 218 GB/sec from 176 GB/sec.

Upgraded GPU and boosted clock rate provide doubled graphics ability enable the PS4 Pro for extraordinary 4K Ultra HD resolution for gaming with faster frame rates and super-sharp action. If you already have a 4K TV and a game that supports it, you will get stunning with detailed visuals than ever before. The new console will also support high dynamic range (HDR) content, too. HDR is a new technology found on many high-end TVs this year, allows for a wider range of colors. In short, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to handle higher-resolution output, manage more textures and details onscreen, and generally provide a smoother play experience overall.

The new PS4 Pro compatible with every PS4 game and 4K streaming from YouTube and Netflix is also supported. Unfortunately, while the PS4 Pro will support 4K content from YouTube and Netflix, the console will not feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Better support for PlayStation VR headset, as headsets require a high-end power PC to operate, but the PS4 does VR with comparably less power and silky-smooth performance the newer hardware to enhance VR experiences.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro comes with larger 1TB HDD storage and extra 3 x SuperSpeed USB 3.1 port, perfect for charging those DualShock controllers. Speaking of controllers, DualShock controllers also gets an update. Most changes are synthetic, like the matte finish and a light strip on top of the touchpad that matches the color of the light bar. The new controllers also support USB communication that can eliminate over Bluetooth delay issue.

To be honest, it’s not capable of a ton more than the previous generation, it’s more like an HD update to Sony’s high-selling system rather than next-gen upgrade. However, if you don’t already own a console then this is a good time and we highly recommend the new PlayStation 4 Pro for everyone. If you already own a PlayStation 4 but don’t have a 4K HDR television, there is zero point in buying so you can skip this model.


  • Spectacular graphics – Explore vivid game worlds with rich visuals heightened by PS4 Pro.
  • Enhanced gameplay – Support for faster frame rates delivers super-sharp action for select PS4 games.
  • One unified gaming community – Compatible with every PS4 game. Play online with other PS4 players with PlayStation Plus.
  • Extraordinary entertainment – With up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1TB

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