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A great 4K OLED TV from Sony, the A80J. It’s a more cheaper option to the Sony A90J OLED, but it has many of the same capabilities and delivers equally impressive results. Since its pixels are self-illuminated, the contrast ratio is nearly limitless, resulting in incredibly deep blacks that don’t appear washed out or bloomed.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t go as bright as the A90J, this OLED TV is still competitive with others in its class, and its wide color gamut and near-infinite contrast make it ideal for HDR viewing. Its near-instantaneous response time and negligible input lag should impress gamers.

There hasn’t been any implementation of the claimed variable refresh rate (VRR) capability as of yet, but it will be in a future firmware update. However, it does have two HDMI 2.1 connectors and can handle a 4k @ 120Hz output. If you watch a wide variety of content, the chance of irreversible burn-in on this OLED is low.