May 23, 2017
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VideoSecu MPC53B Ceiling TV Mount Review

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A ceiling TV mount can help you end the frustration of being cramped in your living room or working area at your computer desk. A ceiling TV mount is a convenient solution for saving space and bring a new attractive looking as part of the home decor. A ceiling TV mount not only free up additional floor space, but it also keep cables conveniently out of the way!

When looking to buy a ceiling mount TV bracket, it need to ensure extra safety. You should ensure that you purchase a high quality bracket system that is a good match with the size and weight of the television or monitor you wish to mount. It should be made from high quality material and be manufactured by a reputable company if possible such as VideoSecu, Mount-It! and Cheetah Mount.

There are a wide variety of mounts available. You should ensure you select mounts that are appropriate for your television’s size and weight. There are LCD TV ceiling mount options that provide repositioning of the TV angle once installed, while others are fixed and cannot be changed so you should ensure which option you are most comfortable with before you make your final buying decision.

While ceiling TV mounts are a great space saving tool that makes your living room look modern, you should ensure that your ceiling has adequate beams were you are intending your mounting bracket to be. To find the location of a beam, you might need the use of a stud finder tool.

For anyone who is not comfortable with the installation process, it is best left to a qualified professional than to risk the cost of an expensive television if you make a mistake in setting up. A ceiling monitor mount is a great choice when you want to save floor space or you want to position your TV in a convenient position that cannot be provided by other types of mounts.

The VideoSecu MPC53B is a good choice if you’re looking for a ceiling mount for your new LED TV. The VideoSecu ceiling mount is compatible with most 32-60 inch LCD LED and Plasma TVs. Heavy gauge steel construction provides loading capacity up to 110lbs. Supports all VESA mounting standards up to 600×400 (200×100, 200×200, 400×200, 300×300, 400×400, 600×200 & 600×400) and many odd size mounting patterns (mounting holes on the rear of the TV or panel should be no more than 26.8″ apart horizontally and up to 18.1″ vertically). This mount offers 360 degree pan, up and down tilt to reduce glare and provides comfortable viewing angles. Once your ceiling mount is installed, the height of your flat panel display can be adjusted from 26 to 35.4 inches in 1.5 inch increments to meet your specific needs.


• VideoSecu ceiling mount design to fit most 32″ 37″ 40″ 42″ 46″ 47″ 50″ 52″ 55″ 58″ 60″ display with VESA 200x200mm to 680x460mm mounting holes
• Loading capacity up to 110 lbs; Fits flat ceiling, vaulted ceiling, as well as the wall
• Adjustable height ranges of 26″ to 35.4″ from ceiling in 1.5″ increments optimal viewing height
• Forward and backward tilt and 360 degrees pan adjustment to achieve the ideal screen viewing position
• Standard hardware pack included

VideoSecu LCD Plasma Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount Bracket for most 30-60 inches LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Panel Displays MPC53B 1S5

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