May 22, 2017
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YAMAHA Restio ISX-80 MusicCast Audio System Review

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YAMAHA Restio ISX-80 futures design cues from the ISX-800 from 2012, the ISX-80 represents the beginning of Yamaha’s jump into multi-room audio, and they are performing it in a great way. There is, Yamaha has just introduced their own version of the wireless multi-room technology.

MusicCast is multi-room technology developed by YAMAHA and this technology allows you to network Musiccast-enabled audio equipment and the non-MusicCast equipment connected to them. This means you can mix and match all sorts of AV systems, then simply control from a single source, as long as they’re connected in some form to a Musiccast device.

Since every MusicCast-enabled device has both Bluetooth and analog connections, anything from a traditional plastic player to a pair of standard wireless headphones can now be a part of your multi-room network, so that’s absolutely an exciting potential.

YAMAHA Restio ISX-80

YAMAHA Restio ISX-80

YAMAHA Restio ISX-80 speaker definitely looks like a modern wall clock than your typical speaker because of its square frame and fairly large digital clock in the center. It has a truly clean modern look all around, with just six physical buttons appear in the top of the speaker.

Yamaha has somehow managed to fit in dual 3cm soft dome tweeters and dual 8cm woofers in that non-traditional frame and thus give a richer sound than what you could expect from something that measures just 6.5cm deep.

There’s support for streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, SirusXM, Napster, SirusX and Juke, plus the speaker has native support for MP3, WMA,MPEG4, AAC, ALAC,WAV,FLAC and AIFF formats in up to 192kHz/24bit encoding. The Restio ISX-80 is also the only speaker to have a FM tuner integrated, so it’s evident to see the lifestyle focus of this speaker.

MusicCast Controller app allows you to assign your speakers to various rooms, and then all these rooms are in turn assigned a source to play. If you want to have multiple rooms playing the same source, just simply click the link icon on the top left to pick a master room, then add the selected rooms to link to it. You can personalize the rooms by adding your own photos for use too, so everyone can have their own icon, that’s cool!

Download ISX-80 Owner’s Manual (English) go HERE

ISX-80 Spec

ISX-80 Spec

Product Highlights

  • Fine design stuck to the material and shape
  • Compact thin body
  • Can be easily installed as an interior design
  • Easy wireless music playback to enjoy with MusicCast Controller app
  • Good clarity, cohesion, and volume

YAMAHA Restio ISX-80 Bluetooth · Wi-Fi enabled Integrated audio system (Black)

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