May 25, 2017
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Yuneec E-GO2 18-Mile Range Electric Skateboard Review

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Yuneec E-GO2, it’s the second electric longboard from a company called Yuneec which you might know from its line of Typhoon drones. A lot of electric skateboards hit the market in the last year but unlike many of those, the E-Go2 is one of the most affordable prices that comes with trade-offs.

Yuneec E-Go2 isn’t as nimble as the Boosted Boards, it powered by a single 400-watt motor which is a little on the small side. With a maximum speed around 12 and a half miles per hour but it’s still a lot faster than walking.

The board itself is an eight layer composite deck with a kicktail shape and this little design detail will appeal to a lot of people. The kicktail allows you to tilt the board up over small obstacles like rough pavement and sidewalks but you probably won’t be doing any tricks with it. The deck and battery running along its underbelly make the E-Go2 very stiff. The 90-millimeter wheels are pretty bulky but they’re helpful in driving over rough spring.

One area where the E-Go2 surpasses the Boosted Board is its range. Yuneec claims that it can travel about 18 miles on a single charge and we found it perform just a little under that. Charging the battery on the E-Go2 does take a long time around four hours. Since the board weights around 14 pounds, you better be sure that you can make it where you’re going unless you’re willing to bring the bulky charger too.

The biggest compromise on the E-Go2 is its user interface. You control the board with a Bluetooth remote which can be recharged over micro-USB and you also have to flip a switch on the underside of the board. It takes a long time for the board to respond to the remote so you really have to anticipate your moves if you need to speed up or apply the brake.

The remote will also tell you how much the battery life is left with a LED blinking a sort of Morse code. In some ways the E-Go2 feel a lot safer than other boards because it’s relatively slow speed, solid deck makes it feel sturdy and it does handle gravel and bumps pretty well.

Yuneec made the E-Go2 board that anyone can buy. It’s cheaper than the competition and yes, it comes with a number of serious trade-offs. With a stiff neck, large wheels, slow speed, and long range make it a pretty good option for the casual rider. It’s fun and it will get you where you’re going but not as much style and graces.

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard


  • Kicktail shape ensures you have more control and better steering
  • Variable speed control up to 12.5mph with two riding modes
  • Up to 18 mile range
  • Positive braking system


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